Turner's Instruction Box TNT-300 (nur in Englisch)

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The Tormek Instruction box, which contains a 1 hour 20 minutes DVD film and a handbook shows you how to shape and sharpen all your turning tools. The film is made by Jeff Farris, a highly experienced American woodturning instructor and the handbook is written by Torgny Jansson, the inventor of the Tormek Sharpening System.

In the film Jeff puts focus on the most important tools – which also are the most difficult to sharpen – the spindle gouge, the bowl gouge and the skew. You can watch him shape an edge to his favourite profile and see how quickly it is re-sharpened once the setting is done.

The handbook clearly describes the whole system and its possibilities. Numerous line drawings show step by step how to shape and sharpen your tools. Repeatability is the core word and the book explains three efficient methods for how to best replicate an edge profile.

The Instruction Box comes with the Woodturner’s Kit TNT-708 and can also be purchased separately. The kit contains all accessories you need to use the Tormek TNT sharpening system.



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